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35mm [IX & X]

Shot these on a different camera to the usual Olympus Trip 35 - a Chinon 35EE. Turns out it has some light leak issues and seems like it doesn't deal with very bright sunlight at all well. Shame, as the lens seems pretty good and it's a rangefinder so you know you got the focus spot on. The first roll here is expired drugstore stuff, the second is Portra 400 (lush) and as the same trip spans both rolls I thought I'd bundle them together in one post.

Paris buying trip w/ Kinoko - Beelitz + Berlin w/ Miss PR + Fam - ride to West Wittering beach w/ G + Miriam - general hangs.



So I'm heading to the USA with Miss PR for a 2 week west coast roadtrip. Holler if you know any good spots in Portland, SF, LA, San Diego or anywhere in between.


35mm [VIII]

Ten of the best from a recent roll. All bike riding around Kent and Essex. Shot on an expired Kodak disposable but pretty pleased with the results.


Kinoko London Store Opening

Come say hi to me at the menswear retailer I work at, which now has a physical presence in East London.

73 Kingsland Road
E2 8AG

Tue-Sat 11.00-19.00
Sun 12.00-18.00


35mm [VII]

An old B&W disposable from last November/Decmeber; rides with Rob, the Kinoko winter field trip and a fogged Olympic velodrome.


Too Much

I picked up the previous issue of Too Much at 1LDK in Paris (would def recommend a visit if you can). It's published in Japan but is written mostly in English, with juicy content exploring the intersection of landscape and the human experience (more on that here, which is also where I stole these photos from).

The latest issue has been produced with Japanese Photographer/Mountaineer Naoki Ishikawa, and features a coffee-table-book-worthy quantity of his photos as well as informative and/or esoteric notes describing the expeditions they were taken on. I picked up my copy at Open As Usual in New Cross which has just opened a convenient two minutes from my gaff. You should visit there too. And buy Too Much.


As well as doing my best to resist buying lovely 'clobber' at Kinoko before I've sold it, I also get to dabble in performance cycling sister business Tokyo Fixed. Their SS16 has something for everyone, so long as jazzy lycra, caps and socks are your thing.