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35mm [IV] (B&W)

Beginning with a hellish ride to Brighton with the boys back in March, this roll of film flicks sporadically through daytrips, bro rides and chill rolls. Shot blind on an Ilford XP2 single use black & white which lost it's viewfinder lens after the first exposure when the camera leapt out of my jersey pocket at speed onto the tarmac.


In Sweden With Klättermusen

Lucky enough to spend a few days in Åre, Sweden visiting self-consciously technical & environmentally progressive mountain brand Klättermusen, I came away with a huge respect for everything they do there, as well as a warm and fuzzy feeling from the incredible hospitality. A mega Tack! to all involved.


Swiss Army Bike

Despite it's tank-like good looks and almost-OD colourway, my do-most-things road/gravel/commuter/tourer bike is Swiss Army only in the sense that, like its iconic multi-too namesake, it can turn its hand to pretty much anything. Completely stock in these pics, I've just upgraded to some 105 bits after 9 months and over 4000km, as a little thank you for it being so lovely and reliable. Kinda heavy though, sorta feels like a tank sometimes too.

Dutch camo tool roll via Jordan at BigxTop, bidons via work.


Bean Boots

Finally got my hands on - feet in - a pair of my holy grail shoes. I've been after a pair of LL Bean Duck Boots for ages. Unavailable in the UK, I picked up a pair on ebay about a year or so ago only to find that I'd wildly miscalculated the size I needed. Second time around though, I've got it right (pro tip, go for the same US size as you are in the UK). And it turns out that this pair were being sold by longtime, never-met Instagram pal Millieri. Weirder still, it turns out he lives in a town about 10 miles from where I grew up AND we went to the same college here in London. Turns out we have much more in common besides a penchant for steel framed road bikes and iconic, if slightly odd looking American hunting shoes. Thanks Millieri!


Launched amid a certain amount of fanfare a couple of weeks ago, is 'a resource and community for travelling cyclists to help plan, prepare for and share your touring adventures'. Well it sure is a fine looking website, and definitely worth checking out if you're in need of some vicarious adventure or cozy encouragement to plan your own trip. Big-league contributions come from Al '#microadventure' Humphreys and Jack 'The Cycle Show' Thurston.


35mm [III]

I'm lucky when 50% of the exposures on my analogue film rolls actually get processed, mostly taking pictures on gloomy lanes. The guy at Snappy Snaps today very kindly said that some of these were atmospheric. All taken within the last 6 weeks or so, this roll covers trips to Fontainebleau, Munich & Somerset, as well as a solo Kent ride and yesterday's Essex pootle with the boys.

Taken on a FujiFilm disposable.


Wet Weekend

Took a long weekend to the country, expertly arranged by Mrs PR (thanks Jules x). As you'd expect for a holiday in Britain in February we got a soaking on a couple of occasions, but there was lots to like: multi-modal bike-train-bike journeys, cottage down dirt track, log fire, country pubs, ale, killer landscape, stars, golden hour stroll, overwhelming quaintness and, of course, good company.

BTW we were in Wedmore/Cheddar Gorge in Somerset, & credit for the pic of me obvs goes to the missus.