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Highland Fling

Some photos from a recent trip to the Scottish Highlands - somewhere in between Torridon and Applecross - with Kinoko and Mrs PR. Caught some fish and rode in an Argocat. Standard. Next time taking my bike to hit up Bealach na Bà, biggest road climb in Britain, see the last two pics. FYI nice pic of mossy rock stolen from Jules.


Out Standing

Apols for the commercial cross-posting, but we just got Out Standing mag in stock at my day job and it's pretty great. Dead proud of this picture I took too. #workproduct


48 Hours On The C2C

Preamble: I've been wanting to do a trip like this for a long time. The idea of bikepacking a long distance route, combined with lashings of single and double-track, copious traffic-free secteurs and fistfulls of quiet rural lanes is right in my wheelhouse; so when brother Rob told me he was looking to buy a cross bike to do exactly this sort of thing, you bet I was stoked. For our first trip, for a bunch of reasons, we settled on the C2C, Sustrans' flagship long distance route.

We set a date well in advance, postponed just once, and eventually booked train tickets. We we're committed. And after a few months of cross referencing maps and researching kit we hooked up at Carlisle last Saturday AM, to catch our connection to the start of the C2C. If all went to plan we'd be in Sunderland roughly 48 hours later, having spent 2 nights wild camping in roughly predetermined spots and having put 230km and approx. 3600m of climbing behind us. Needless to say the whole thing was an absolute rippp. The trails were incredible despite the heavy loads on the bikes, and the worst we encountered was a bit of drizzle and a single flat tyre. I shot a single roll of film on a Kodak FUNFLASH (would not recommend), and I'll let the edit above tell the rest of the story. Far from quenching my thirst for this kind of riding, the trip has only served to whet my appetite.

Afterword: What I noticed more about arriving back at the coast was not the distance travelled, or the idea of having ridden between one furthest point and another, but the elevation gained and lost over the journey, being back at the geographical zero-point of sea level.



I'm finally doing it. A bro bikepacking weekend - a kind of brovet™ - 223km along the C2C from Whitehaven to Sunderland. Route above, about 50% off road/bridlepath. Writeup & 35mm to follow, natch.


35mm [IV] (B&W)

Beginning with a hellish ride to Brighton with the boys back in March, this roll of film flicks sporadically through daytrips, bro rides and chill rolls. Shot blind on an Ilford XP2 single use black & white which lost it's viewfinder lens after the first exposure when the camera leapt out of my jersey pocket at speed onto the tarmac.


In Sweden With Klättermusen

Lucky enough to spend a few days in Åre, Sweden visiting self-consciously technical & environmentally progressive mountain brand Klättermusen, I came away with a huge respect for everything they do there, as well as a warm and fuzzy feeling from the incredible hospitality. A mega Tack! to all involved.


Swiss Army Bike

Despite it's tank-like good looks and almost-OD colourway, my do-most-things road/gravel/commuter/tourer bike is Swiss Army only in the sense that, like its iconic multi-too namesake, it can turn its hand to pretty much anything. Completely stock in these pics, I've just upgraded to some 105 bits after 9 months and over 4000km, as a little thank you for it being so lovely and reliable. Kinda heavy though, sorta feels like a tank sometimes too.

Dutch camo tool roll via Jordan at BigxTop, bidons via work.