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So I'm now working at Kinoko, and I've updated Pastoral Review, which was long-overdue anyway. I'm not sure yet how the new job will affect the quality/subject/frequency of the blog, but I will be keeping it active for sure. Content will still be original, and of course any views expressed here remain my own.

I'd like to say a big thank you to those of you who read and encourage Pastoral Review. What I do here has become a livelihood for me now which is pretty much a dream come true - so cheers!


Psyence Fiction

I don't mention music that often on here, but these guys are really nailing the Pastoral Review aesthetic so they're definitely worth featuring. Psyence Fiction hail from chilly Norway, and their delightfully gloomy vibe is the perfect accompaniment to the season. I mean, what's not to like here? Buttoned-up shirts - check, atmospheric church - check, analogue synth, woodsy guitar & lashings of melancholic Americana - check, check & check. Their limited back catalogue is on Spotify, and their new single is out TODAY! 


Blog Crush: Sunday Echapée

That thing when you discover a blog with beautiful photography and ride reports from your own back yard, plus enough content to lose half a day catching up on: Sunday Ecahpée. Chapeau, fellas...


Jules' John Atkins Seafoam Mixte

When Mrs PR decided she wanted an upgrade from the gas-pipe 3-speed she used through college, I knew it was a great opportunity for her to get something that would really allow her to experience the thrills of riding a real bike; that feeling of being connected to a machine rather than fighting it at every pedal stroke.

The requirements were that it should be fairly lightweight, with a step-through frame and with a reasonable range of gears. Oh, and it had to be pretty too (read vintage). Together we scoured Ebay for a couple of weeks until we hit upon this guy (or girl?); Reynolds 531 mixtie frame & forks, Suntour VX derailleurs, and some really special lugwork, all topped off with an incredible seafoam paint job. The original drop bars, levers & downtube shifters needed a bit of a switcheroo to suit Jules, but the spirit of this little beauty remains.

As far as the bike's history goes, a quick Google reveals that John Atkins Cycles in Leamington Spa have been custom building bikes since the 80's. I'll be dropping them an email with some pictures and the frame number to see if they can dig anything up.

If you're still with me, you'll be delighted to know that Jules is very happy with the bike. I shot it with the hose-clamped-on bottle cage, cable tied rear light and chain on the small ring for true authenticity. And the mid-Autumn light just makes that paint job pop, right? Enjoy...



Like most of the plant life in the Northern Hemisphere, the bicycle road racing season has pretty much withered and died for another year. But with the waning of one type of cycle sport comes the waxing of another: cyclocross season is here. Anyone with only a minor to mild curiosity about 'cross - curicrossity? - can get their fill over at CX Hairs. Incisive race commentary provides a great introduction to the sport and the music is sometimes ok. Check out the #Svenness series (an homage to Belgian 'cross demigod* Sven Nys) to see how the PROs do it.

*Sven's picture is used to advertise pasta salad in Belgium. Fact.


New Look

I've had a bit of a shuffle-round on the blog to go along with the new visual identity I've been working on, & I'll continue to tweak over the next week or so. In a way this is part of a much bigger non-blog related change I've made recently which I can talk about soon. Anyway, hope you like Xx



About ten years ago my dad gave me a CD with some amazing 16(or is it 8?)mm home movie footage that he'd digitised. It was filmed by his dad (my grandad, if you're following) on a family holiday to Arran in the 60's and shows my grandparents, my aunt, and my pop hiking, fishing and larking about on the rugged Scottish island. The film is a treasure-trove of Wes Anderson-esque outdoorsy getups, and it's been on my to-do list for ages to take some screenshots for the blog. So here they are:

P.S. Check out my grandparents ace wedding photos here.